We're Different

Why? Our process is built on a foundation of listening and learning from each client first.

We don’t build cookie-cutter solutions. We custom tailor everything we do to our clients’ specific vision, while providing the industry-leading expertise you can count on.

Your happiness is our own.

  • Songswift: global village media


    Songswift has over 20 years of industry-tested experience.

Our Process

Everything we commit to is built on four foundational pillars.

We listen, plan, deliver and support you, making sure to clearly communicate throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond.

  • Songswift: global village media - Discovery


    Every new project has its own vision, mission and set of goals. Before we design or code anything, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your own exact requirements. Our experience can help you make the right choices for future scalability and sustainability.

  • Songswift: global village media - Strategy


    We map everything out in detail so you can see where the project is headed before we begin. Measure twice, cut once. That’s part of our total approach. You’ll approve each milestone before we move on to the next. It’s like having your own GPS. You’ll always know where you are.

  • Songswift: global village media - Delivery


    We excel at delivering real world goals and timelines. Nothing is quite as frustrating as getting to the end of a project, only to see it stretch out indefinitely, Our careful and honest delivery process defines finite milestones, assuring we always come in on-time and on-budget.

  • Songswift: global village media - Support


    We’ll stick to you like glue if you want us to. We know from experience that simply handing you the keys and walking away isn’t always a winning solution. Instead, for every project we take on, we’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance – just as much or as little as you need.


Call us to discuss details.

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